Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Jaw Horse

The Jaw Horse is a remarkable and quite innovative new tool. As used in the attached picture, it is as good as - if not better - than having another set of human hands on the job. Its 3 leg set up triangulates weight distribution, making an actually sturdier unit for working atop of as well as making a far easier leveling task. It's frankly amazing clamping strength, on top, rated at 1,000 lbs, securely clamps into place any number of possible items, from tile saw trays to chop saws and the likes. By clamping, one can address doors, odd shapes of all kinds, even plywood with the secure knowledge that the item will stay in place tightly, with no movement.

This is simply a breath taking bit of technology and I will not hesitate in the slightest in recommending it as a must have adjunct to anyone who installs fences, makes garden structures or even for the homeowner and his dozens of private projects. A video accompanies this link which I believe is also a must-see, simply to acquaint oneself with the very latest in construction products. This is not your late night, fly-by-night item. This is very real.

For more product information and for user reviews, click here.

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