Monday, October 26, 2009

The Best Garden Bucket Caddy

Fiskars 9424 Garden Bucket Caddy

This is one of those labor saving devices which was actually invented long before it was retailed generally. I recall using old bags and the same 5 gallon bucket for prunings, irrigation work, tree and plant planting, working with annuals and bulbs and about 50 other tasks. We would tie nail bags to the handle and have 3-5 of them dripping off the side, one for tools, the others for parts or whatever. Now it has become organized, durable as heck - even sized to match the various accouterments like cell phones, radios, CB's and the specific tools which tend towards the same size. Do not underestimate the value of something so compact - that is, in fact, the reason for its existence. Tote around an amazing diversity of small tools and put parts, garbage, plantings, nuts and bolts - whatever - into the nice and sizeable interior cavern. This is a true gardener and landscaper's friend right here.

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