Monday, October 26, 2009

A Terrific Pruning DVD

This excellent Pruning DVD by the well-known Hugh Perry reveals pruning facts in simple, easy-to-follow steps backed by discussions on the reasons and benefits of pruning. Not only is this a perfectly entertaining video for garden and maintenance aficionado's, but it also explains things in most intimate detail. Shaping, pruning for eventual growth, pruning for fruit or more bountiful flowers - even pruning for aroma - are all a part of a good pruning specialist's lore. Not only are the techniques of good pruning discussed, but so are the actual resulting benefits, as described by specific and sometimes time-lapse visuals of plants and trees over time. This would be merely entertaining were it not so plainly educational. Everyone can gain from owning and watching this great DVD - and more than once. Packed with relevant information and just plain interesting facts, this one will educate as well as entertain. It's a splendid educational tool for any employer or employee.

For more product information on this splendid and demonstrative DVD, and for some user reviews, please click right here to see.

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