Monday, October 26, 2009

A Superb Digging Fork

The Best Digging Fork Around is what landscapers and gardeners refer to as a "workhorse" type of tool. An unbreakable resin-encased steel shaft with its unique stainless steel blade design offers a tool of powerful durability. This tool is superb for loosening soils, handling compost and integrating it into soil, mixing and filtering items between the forks. With nearly four times the gripping surface of conventional tools, with room for both hands, it offers a sturdy front for the heavy work of manually integrating elements of soils. This is a really cool tool of professional quality with a lifetime guarantee. Dimensions: 7.5 by 4.0 by 42.9 inches (width by depth by height). This is a "keeper" and should simply last forever. I love this tool.

For product information and for user reviews of this strong little tool, click here.

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