Sunday, January 10, 2010

Electric Lawn & Landscape Edger

This Black and Decker Landscape Edger is an incredible bit of technology. Improvements in electrical appliance technology and in ball bearing and technology in general are providing electrical solutions to old landscaping problems by the dozen. Dealing with gas mixes and carburetors can be time-consuming and far too complex for most homeowners and even professionals in the long run. What newer technologies offer is a unit such as this which pumps out 2.25 HP from a simple electrical outlet. This implies a hard-working and most durable metallic blade which can cut through overgrowth and messy edges like nobody's business. Like the electrical chain saws and weed-eaters now available on the market, these appliances make work at home far quieter and much less messy, and without the polluting fossil fuel - based machine work. This comes in vsarious sizes but this one may very well be the best, depending on the application of a reasonable sized home. This one will last for years.

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