Saturday, January 23, 2010

Electrical Tools Starter Set

The Greenlee Starter Set is perfect for homeowners and hobbyists who are just beginning to find uses for electrical products in their local purview's. Absolutely perfect for outdoor lighting work, this set has a set of wire-strippers/cutter, a GT-11 non-contact voltage detector, which can give fast, easy, non-contact voltage detection, with a bright LED and audible alarm if voltage is present. Also included is a "screwdriver" - a i6-In-1 multi-tool, containing #1 and #2 square recess, 6mm flat tip and #2 Phillips and 1/4" & 5/16" hex fittings for just about any primary electrical connection problem. Cheap, quick and easy, repairs and installations begin with these items and can actually stay that way. Few are the landscapers, for example, who do not own any or all of these items, especially in these days where Landscape Lighting has become so prevalent. Bear in mind the electrical uses otherwise, as well, from irrigation controllers and boxes out in the field to lighting and some work inside the house itself. This is a minimum must-have for electrical work.

For some user reviews of this product and for more information about these items, click here.

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