Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Plastair 25'- 50' - 75' Spring Hose

The Plastair Spring Hose comes in a variety of lengths and is one of the greatest ideas ever. Lightweight, yet far more durable than the standard garden hoses, the Spring Hose is an idea whose time has come. Its light weight removes the fatigue-factor from hosing things down and provides an easy-storage hose that is simple to hook up and as easy to operate.

This is a polyurethane coiled water hose that is extremely flexible, lightweight, compact, it is UV resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty. A great alternative to standard rubber & PVC water hoses for use in lawn & garden, marine, and RVs. In the end, it completely eliminates the use of a hose reel.

For much more product information and for reviews of those who have bought this item in the past, click here.

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