Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Power Tools - The Big Set Of Cordless Tools

The Dewalt 18 Volt XRP 6-Tool Cordless Set is pretty much the state of the art of cordless sets. I have owned more than one of these as my own business expanded and I found, then, that each crew gained immensely from owning these bad boys. Now, having said that, my uses are not exactly homeowner type usages. But, frankly, each tool may very well be a goal, just in themselves. I list them here to show the potential and the variety of cordless tools. Their utility is something else entirely. I use Sawzalls for all sorts of purposes, including cutting pipe, deep inside hard to get to trenches. I use the cordless Skil Saw to top fences and to make fast cuts in the field of such things as posts for guying trees and even for cutting metal fence posts. The grinder is an awesome tool for finishing off concrete pavers and adjusting them to fitting. Needless to say, the screwdriver and drill functions are necessary to the max. Even the light is amazingly handy. My adoration of the technology which permitted the newly-developed power and durability of these tools is off the charts. These are the ultimate in labor saving technology. No cords, no concerns about water and electrifying oneself - it's all right here, in one package.

For abundant product information and for a user review of this specific group, click here.

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