Sunday, December 13, 2009

Folding Pruning Saw

This Silky Folding Landscaping Saw I recommend because I have used it. Folding pruning saws are fairly common and one can easily pick one up down at Home Depot or somewhere for a one time use for a bit less money. My experience with this one, however is something more than memorable. Somehow, the formation and manufacture of the teeth on this saw make its cutting time far faster than even the best other brands. These saws can universally surprise anyone who takes on limbs and branches with even the most average one's ability to quickly slice through wood. They are simply fairly stunning, even at their worst. But what this saw did for me - who had used them for decades - was not only surprise me with the speed of the cutting, but the sheer durability of the unit itself. And not only that, but the handle fits a hand with stunningly more comfort. It's hard to aver that someone should spend something extra on something they may only need to use a few times. But for anyone who has repeated journeys up into trees for purposes of pruning, there is no other saw I could possibly recommend more.

For more product information, including a rap on how they put these blades and teeth together, click here.

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