Sunday, December 6, 2009

High-Powered Electric Snow Blower

This amazing Electric Snow Blower has actually been oin the market for quite a while. It actually runs at more RPM than gas-powered models and no one needs convincing that electrical appliances are far less smelly, less polluting and less prone to breakdown than any gasoline-powered anything. What's most interesting about this model is it's power. It can definitely fling some snow. Yes, it does have some limitations - predictably those relate to the overall amount of snow. The cord does have to be drug around but most people claim to clean off driveways of 30-50 feet two cars wide in less than a half hour. Make no mistake, under a foot of snow, this works as well as any unit in its class. A friend of mine has had one now for 4 years and he loves it. 25 pounds of snow blowing power is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, it's clean!

For some nice user reviews and for much more product information, click here.

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