Friday, December 4, 2009

The Multi-Talented Manure Fork

The Ames True Temper 10 Tine Manure Fork is more than just a pretty face! The variety of jobs this fork can do around the home and in the landscape is fairly astounding. Perfect for removing and piling leaves in containers or wheelbarrows, it is lighter and easier to handle than shovels for tasks such as loading mulch, grass clippings, and garden debris for removal.

Truthfully, I have used this as a true secret weapon of productivity and I am being 100% honest. Picking up stuff off the ground gets tiring, bending over or using shovels to try and not gouge the grass. With this hot little item, you can darn near clean up every morsel with a few swipes. I would include this in any list of a building tool repertoire without batting an eye. Oh yeah - it also handles manure great! This is a tool from Above.

For needless user reviews and for product info I wouldn't even bother with, click right here.

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