Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Digging Shovel

Some shovels are more "shovel" than others. This one is my choice for the perfect shovel for digging. The over-sized foot step allows for some real pressure being applied from the legs, opening soil easier and breaking roots and smaller impediments far easier. Now, as a professional, I need to issue a "caveat" and mention this shovel is a tad heavier than others of similar construction. It is because it is designed for a very principal function of excavating. Lighter shovels might be indicated for such things as loading wheelbarrows with soil or mulches simply owing to the amount of time spent on the tasks and the effect of heavier lifting over time. However, the overall framework of this industrial style shovel is far more amenable to digging and excavations in soil. For one thing, it will last longer. For another, it is designed for digging and penetrating harder and tougher soils. The welds on this are solid and the balance is a great asset, along with the near-"plate" for using the boots. This is your "excavating" shovel, par excellence.

For more product information and for user reviews of this tool, click here.

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