Monday, November 2, 2009

Tool Rack For Storage

A very underestimated consideration in the long term care of tools is what to do with the suckers when one is finished. In landscaping, many times we just throw them in a pile somewhere and pick them back up off the ground in the morning. Or carry them around in the back of some truck in the elements, exposed and collecting water and ice. But we also plan on going through them - breaking them,losing or misplacing them at a rate which would drive a homeowner nuts but which is honestly often considered just a business expense for guys who use them daily. And having said all that, the truth is most landscapers have many 4-5 year old tools in spite of the abuse.

But a homeowner will find themselves with different concerns entirely. Since they don't use them on a daily basis, most homeowners could easily lose them for good, leaving them outside. The virtues of a sturdy tool rack, well placed in some garage or shed are many - they obviously protect the tools from the elements, foremost. Plus, they are easy to locate, simple to choose among and as secure as any locked building can make them. This item is a pretty good set-up for this sort of tool security and longevity. I recommend this - or something similar - for anyone who has more than 2 tools.

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