Sunday, November 15, 2009

Interesting Weed Tool

The Weed Hound is a more-than-interesting item that caught my interest more than once. The reason I speak of it now is that I have a rave review from a long-time maintenance friend who mows grass for a living and who has cast about for less-polluting means of dealing with such things as Dandelions. Yes, the Dandelion War is always-alive, even for the pro's. Well, he is delighted with this tool. That tells me what I need to know in terms of whether it passes the field test. I just about never recommend anything I have not used personally. However, I am siding with just about any item which lessens the usage of pesticides and herbicides in our world any more. This bad boy here removes the offending broad leaf at the source - the root - and it also contains that one super superior trait of allowing one to stand while working. I am recommending this item to any and all who might like the notion of taking drastic and final measures regarding Dandelions and broad leaf weeds in their lawn and garden. Besides, it's relatively cheap and it is much more durable than it might look - this I asked about.

For more product information and for user reviews, click here.

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