Thursday, November 12, 2009

Southern Living Big Big Book

A Very Big Book!

Like it's equally-informative twin the Western Living Garden Book, this great asset to any gardening library is rife with wonderful and detailed pictures and information about plants, landscaping, gardening - even irrigation - and exists as what is a virtual encyclopedia, appreciated by professionals and interested gardeners alike. Among its many features, it includes the newest American Horticultural Society Heat Zone Map and even plant ratings. It has 2,000 new plant entries, with more than 1,200 all-new, full-color plant illustrations. !,300 photographs of plants covers a massive area - pretty much everything - in the plant and tree world and it also includes nearly 70 pages of tips and techniques fit for real good gardening. This is somewhat of a must-have for anyone curious or even at the further stages of gardening and landscaping. It's a truly great resource, in short. If I can add, it is most definitely oriented towards the South but please don't let that deter you from purchasing it. Its relevance is world-wide, I assure you. The Western Living Book I commented on at the beginning is equally valuable and I use it still, while working in the South.

For more information about this great book and for rave user reviews, click here.

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