Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Small Shovel

This small shovel is not just so that your son can imitate Dad or Mom and dig on his own, although that is a super fine option and is always to be encouraged. It has a bundle of very practical uses, most of which revolve around either a shortage of space or a project that requires some digging while on one's knees. In fact, I scoffed at the idea of even what they called a "fireman's shovel" at one point until it became a foreman's very favorite shovel and one where he handled the workload every bit as well as the guys with the big headed shovels did. I have long since reconciled myself to the fact that many people listen to their own digging muse. But for stiffer soils requiring small holes, for example, this digs with far more "oomph" than a hand trowel or any other hand held instrument and it can still move a bunch of dirt. It also carries an interesting 3 year warranty, something unique among shovels and probably well worth investigating. I have used these for multiple purposes and I also love them. Oh - and, yeah, your child can operate with the big people and feel just as much the contributor with this guy.

For a bit of product information and for a user review, click here.

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