Monday, November 30, 2009

Battery-Operated Timer For Hoses and Gardens

This Nelson Battery-Operated Hose Timer is an interesting product and is grouped with a wide number of competing products, all of whom are of reasonable quality and durability - and whose timing has good reliability - when treated right. I stress the latter - "When treated right" - because we are speaking generally of using a plastic product attached to one of metal. And that is about the only caveat I would counsel using this amazingly great labor-saving device. These are honestly pretty fantastic things. What you have in this small unit is "Freedom", in the end. For those people who long to travel, yet feel the tug of all the effort they put into establishing their Summer gardens, this item - or ones like it - are a virtual dream come true. It is the same with lawns or anything which your hose can attach to and actually water on a regular basis. Labor-saving and security-enhancing, these small battery-powered timers are the next best thing to having a literal irrigation system. This Nelson is a product from a very reliable company whose business has always been irrigation.

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