Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gardening Tool Set

This Gardening Tool Set is actually something I would own as a landscaper. Ironically, some of the more attractive features to me - aside from the obvious pruners, weeders and durable tools - are the hose attachments and the spray nozzle. Fact is, even the knee pad is a pretty doggone handy item, especially for those of us over 20 years old. In the end, the variety is interesting and most of the tools are must-haves, especially for gardeners, much less for landscapers. With a reasonable price and a good solid choice of necessary tools and repair gadgetry, this little set rocks. I have purchased more than one of these in my day and always felt like hugging myself when I opened them up. I know - I'm easy.

For more product information and for some user reviews, click here.

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